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Computers, Laptops, & Servers

Recycling Computers, Laptops, & Servers

Computers are made of various components that are each comprised of many different types of metals including aluminum, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, mercury, zinc, and more. But they also contain precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, and palladium. Each of a computer’s components can be stripped down and recycled for the harvesting of these valuable materials.

The precious metals are obviously valuable, but many people don’t realize how aluminum prices, scrap copper prices, scrap steel prices, and scrap iron prices have made Electronics Recycling a profitable activity. Bring your computers, laptops and servers to our Jacksonville electronics recycling center.

Electronics Recycling Ewaste Electronic Recycling Jacksonville

Types of Computers and Parts to Recycle at Our Jacksonville Center

Here are some examples of the computer components that we can recycle individually at our Electronics Recycling Center in Jacksonville, FL.


Meaning “Random Access Memory,” Ram sticks are found inside computer towers, attached to the motherboard. The fast speed of this type of memory is produced by the precious metals of which it is made. Take these to our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center and we will give you cash!

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When you upgrade to a new machine or if you simply have an old laptop being used as a glorified paperweight, our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center will purchase your old one!

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LCD Monitors

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Old LCD monitors are made of many components that can be recycled and repurposed. Call our Jacksonville Electronic Recycling Center for pricing.


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The Central Processing Unit is one of the most value dense parts of a computer. They each have a few hundred gold plated pins, to start, and older CPUs generally have more gold on them. A small bit of aluminum can be found on heat sinks on the CPUs. Video cards typically have their own CPUs in them, so you can usually find more than one CPU in a computer. Pricing on CPUs various greatly due to the vast differences in design, so bring yours in to our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center to see what you can get!

Computer Towers

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Our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center accepts whole, complete computer towers. All of the individual components can be separated and recycled for their raw materials. Earn some of that upgrade cost back by recycling!

Hard Drives

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Hard drives store all of the permanent data in computers using physical components (as opposed to flash drives). Our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center can recycle the whole hard drive.

Disk Drives

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We accept all types of disk drives that can be found in computers at our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center. These drives include CD, DVD, and each type of floppy drive.


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Servers are specific types of computers, which contain much of the same materials as personal computers. Call our Jacksonville Electronic Recycling Center for pricing.

Gold Pin Connectors

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These gold pins are used for connecting different components in a computer, and guess what—they’re made of gold!

Computer Circuit Boards

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Circuit boards, or “mother boards,” are the hub of the computer. Each main component, including the RAM, CPU, and various connections to other parts is attached to the motherboard. These circuit boards come in vastly different designs and can fetch similarly various prices.

Power Supplies

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Computer power supplies contain many heavy metal parts that our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center can break down.

Ribbon Wire

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These are bundles of rubber coated copper wire. Copper is a valuable material, so contact our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling Center for pricing!

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