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Phone Recycling

Old cell phones amount to 60 million dollars of thrown away gold and silver each year. This is making it increasingly important to employ recycling services to dispose of these outdated machines in a productive way. If all of our old tech (and thus, the materials that are used to make tech) is thrown into landfills, we will eventually be out of materials, and it won’t be much fun to farm in landfills for these materials later on. Contact our Electronics Recycling Center in Jacksonville, FL for more information.

Cell Phones We Recycle in Jacksonville

Old Smartphones (no battery) – Cellular telephones are made of a variety of precious metals that can be harvested by our Electronics Recycling Center for use in future electronic devices.

Older Cell Phones (no battery) – The old push-button and flip phone designs of yesteryear are going away fast. Some are still being made, but before long, they’ll become completely extinct. As you upgrade to newer smartphone technology, make sure your old phone doesn’t get thrown in the landfill. You don’t want the metals and battery acid to leak into the ground, and the materials of which it’s made are valuable.

Electronics Recycling Ewaste Electronic Recycling Jacksonville

Why Choose Main Metal Recycling for Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal Recycling Center Electronics Recycling Jacksonville, Florida

Friendly, quick service with drive-through lanes

Electronic Recycling Recycling Center in Jacksonville, Florida

Honest and fair treatment with state certified scales

Electronic Recycling Metal Recycling Center Jacksonville, Florida

A clean safe yard that’s swept and cleaned daily to help our customers avoid tire damage

Recycling Center Electronics Recycling in Jacksonville, FL

Fair competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff that can help identify and price any items you bring in

Scrap Metal Recycling Center Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, FL

200,000 square feet of warehouse space with a choice of open and closed secure storage available

Metal Recycling Center Scrap Yards Electronic Recycling Jacksonville

A 14 acre facility that can accommodate all metal recycling needs