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Industrial Recycling

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Jacksonville

Main Metal Recycling works with a wide variety of industrial scrap metal customers including:

Recycling Center Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, Florida
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Aerospace industry
  • Government contractors
  • Municipal agencies
  • Military
  • Demolition companies
  • Restoration companies

Our industrial metal recycling services are designed for businesses that generate scrap metal from their manufacturing process or from the services they provide. Many of our clients have been with us for years. With our pricing, service and facilities, you’ll most likely become a repeat customer too.

We have a diverse industrial client base. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to industrial scrap metal recycling. Our state of the art facilities help our industrial clients dispose of their metal scrap, efficiently and properly, whatever their materials are or industry they’re in. We can assist you in all forms of industrial recycling and are experts and working with various industries. Let us handle your scrap metal recycling needs.

Industrial Warehousing

Commercial Warehousing Options Available

Metal Recycling Scrap Yards in Jacksonville, FL
Scrap Metal Dealers Electronic Recycling in Jacksonville
Scrap Metal Recycling Scrap Yard Jacksonville

Main Metal Recycling has several warehouses available for storage. We have over 14 acres and 200,000 square feet of warehousing and a variety of buildings for different storage needs. Many of our industrial scrap metal recycling clients also utilize our warehousing service. Main Metal Recycling makes it easy for you to recycle your scrap metal materials and store your finished goods all in one location!

We have both open and closed, secure storage for your commercial warehousing needs.

Metal Recycling Electronic Recycling Scrap Yards Jacksonville

Buyers / Brokers

Relationships When Buying Scrap Metal

Metal Scrap Yard Recycle Center in Jacksonville, FLThose who purchase our scrap metal are just as important as those who sell scrap metal to us. We strive to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers. With over sixty years of experience in shipping scrap metal to end users, and exporting over all the world, we stand behind each load that we sell. 

High Quality Products

Main Metal Recycling takes pride in producing high quality products that meet or exceed our customer’s specifications and expectations. We can customize each load according to your needs whether we are loading overseas containers or domestic trailers.

We have the ability to ship mixed or straight loads and we will deliver as scheduled.

We will:

  • Weigh, tag, & document each bale

  • Take photos as we load

  • Seal the doors

  • Weigh the completed load on our state certified truck scale.

We will load to legal limits to help control freight costs. Export loads will be delivered to an east coast port such as Jacksonville, Savannah, or Charleston. Domestically, we can deliver to you using one of our reliable commercial carriers or you may pick up your loads.

Aluminum Recycling Scrap Metal Recycling  Jacksonville Flordia

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Experience

Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Jacksonville, FL

Many of our employees have been in the scrap metal recycling and electronic recycling business for decades, giving us the expertise to meet the unique recycling needs of your business. Our business clients know that they can count on us for all their scrap recycling needs. For your convenience, we can pick up your scrap in one of our roll-off containers, to collect scrap such as trimmings, cut offs, stampings, turnings, punch outs, rejects and more, or you can bring it to us yourself. We will prepare a certificate of destruction when needed for your audit trail. 

Main Metal Recycling handles every type of industrial scrap metal, in a wide array of industries. We can help your business with its scrap recycling needs as well. Our experience and expertise allows us to adapt to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on being able to help you, no matter what type of scrap you have or what industry you are in.

Serving Over 16 counties & 125 Cities in Georgia & Florida


Main Metal Recycling serves several counties in Georgia, covering a wide geographic region. We provide roll-off containers and much more to Georgia businesses seeking to recycle their scrap metal. We serve many areas in Georgia including: Echols County, Clinch County, Charleston County, Ware County, Brantley County, Glynn County and Camden County.

Cities we provide metal recycling roll-off containers include but are not limited to:

  • Argyle, GA

  • Brunswick, GA

  • Dupont, GA

  • Fargo, GA

  • Folkston, GA

  • Hoboken, GA

  • Homeland, GA

  • Homerville, GA

    Metal Scrap Yard Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, Florida
  • Kingsland, GA

  • Nahunta, GA

  • Staenville, GA

  • St. Mary’s, GA

  • Waycross, GA

  • Woodbine, GA


Main Metal Recycling purchases scrap metal from manufacturers, contractors, and individuals. With over 60 years of experience in this industry, we’re a company you can trust. Dedicated to personal service and competitive pricing, we provide metal recycling services for industries throughout Northern and Central Florida. We recycle steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum, electronic scrap and many other materials. In counties from Duval to Brevard, Main Metal Recycling serves the following cities in Florida, plus many more:

  • Callahan, Fl

  • Cocoa, Fl

  • Daytona Beach, Fl

  • Deland, Fl

  • Gainesville, Fl

  • Green Cove Springs, Fl

  • Hilliard, Fl

  • Holly Hill, Fl

  • Jacksonville, Fl

  • Lake Butler, Fl

  • Lake City, Fl

  • Live Oak, Fl

    Scrap Yard Recycling Center Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, Florida
  • Macclenny, Fl

  • Ocala, Fl

  • Orange Park, Fl

  • Palatka, Fl

  • Palm Coast, Fl

  • Port Canaveral, Fl

  • Starke, Fl

  • St. Augustine, Fl

  • Titusville, Fl

  • Yulee, Fl

  • Scrap Yard Metal Recycling Scrap Metal Jacksonville, Florida

    Why Choose Main Metal Recycling for Scrap Metal Recycling

    Metal Recycling Center Electronics Recycling Jacksonville, Florida

    Friendly, quick service with drive-through lanes

    Electronic Recycling Recycling Center in Jacksonville, Florida

    Honest and fair treatment with state certified scales

    Electronic Recycling Metal Recycling Center Jacksonville, Florida

    A clean safe yard that’s swept and cleaned daily to help our customers avoid tire damage

    Recycling Center Electronics Recycling in Jacksonville, FL

    Fair competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff that can help identify and price any items you bring in

    Scrap Metal Recycling Center Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, FL

    200,000 square feet of warehouse space with a choice of open and closed secure storage available

    Metal Recycling Center Scrap Yards Electronic Recycling Jacksonville

    A 14 acre facility that can accommodate all metal recycling needs