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Electronic Recycling and the Workplace – Be Pro-active and Responsible

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Electronic Recycling and the Workplace – Be Pro-active and Responsible

Computers and other technical devices are a vital part of today’s work environment. While essential, many of these items can become too slow, costly to repair or just downright outdated over time.


Old electronic equipment is more than an eyesore or afterthought. It is still counted as a recordable asset on a company’s balance sheet, even if not in use. That, in fact adds nothing to the bottom line, and can be a liability.


Instead of letting this equipment gather dust in a storage room or closet, or worse, have someone access sensitive company data, you can recycle electronics responsibly. At Main Metal Recycling we can help. We buy all types of electronic equipment, including, but not limited to laptops, computer towers, hard drives, and even cell phones.


Taking old, useless equipment and selling it for cash frees up space and adds liquidity to any business, large or small. It also lessens the possibility of any security breaches


The majority of these items also contain harmful chemicals, such as lead and mercury. These toxins and others can leach into the soil and atmosphere if not disposed of properly. However, ridding your company of them isn’t as easy as just throwing them in the recycling bin.


Many states and municipalities have banned the disposal of electronic business items in the trash, or even the blue recycling bin. Even if a state has no specific rule, there may still be a city or county ordinance in place regarding e-waste recycling.


Main Metal Recycling will not only take those unwanted electronics off your hands, we’ll make sure they’re recycled responsibly. You can rest assured that we abide by all local and state laws in the proper disposal of electronic items.


If you’re a business owner, an IT or office manager, or are simply in charge of your company’s business equipment, you can encourage all employees to get involved in an e-waste recycling drive.


Not only will your employees be able to get rid of old products they may personally have lying around, such as cell phones, they can also help clear out old office technology, like floppy disk drives and VCR machines.


An electronic recycling drive helps improve employee morale and encourages teamwork. It also helps shine a positive PR light on your company. Depending on what sector you’re involved in, it can serve as a useful selling tool and help boost your company’s public image as an environmentally conscious, green business to clients and employees.


We’ve been in business for over 60 years and feature a state of the art 14-acre facility as well as a 200,000 square foot warehouse. We provide a safe, clean environment and will pay you a fair, competitive price for your electronic items, large and small.


Main Metal Recycling is the place for all of your electronic recycling needs. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help your company dispose of electronics responsibly and profitably.

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Electronic Recycling Metal Recycling Center Jacksonville, Florida

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