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Data Security and Responsible Recycling of Electronics

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Data Security and Responsible Recycling of Electronics

By Angie C.

Do you recycle? Do you even know what to recycle? Or how about where should you recycle? More importantly, did you know you can earn money for metal recycling? These are important questions! The amount of things that get thrown away that shouldn’t is something to be seriously alarmed about!

Did you realize when you throw out your electronic devices, YOUR personal information is on them? This is a critically important part of recycling electronics such as your old tablets, laptops, desktop computers, old cell phones, copiers and scanners. Take a moment and just imagine how much of your own personal information is on any one of these items, let alone all of them! Each and every item there is something we all use in our day to day lives, be it work or our home lives 

Let’s talk for a second about the last item you scanned. It may or may not have had your bank account, your routing number or how about your social security number on it. I’m sure your devices have had some personal and confidential (or so you thought) information on it at some point or another. Am I hitting a nerve? Do you feel safe? Did you know each time you make a copy or scan a document, there is a memory of it on the device that gets SAVED onto a hard drive? IT ALL GETS SAVED! Do you understand what that means?

There are programs that can be found on the internet (you can get some of them for free, I might add) to scan and download every item which was scanned or printed on these devices. What happens if this gets into the hands of the wrong person? Hello identity theft!

I’m pretty sure you are beginning to understand the importance of properly recycling these items. You don’t want to just throw them away and put yourself at risk!

With Main Metal Recycling in Jacksonville, FL, they will properly destroy the hard drives from your old devices so your personal information is not going to get into the hands of the wrong person. They will even PAY YOU market price for each item you bring to them. That includes all of the items I listed above too! This not only will protect you, it also helps save the environment.

Lithium Ion batteries from these devices are another important item to think about. Main Metal Recycling can recycle these for you as well. Let’s not let batteries and electronics get into the landfills and leach out toxic chemicals into the Earth. Save the planet and make some extra cash, I mean who can say no to that?

There are precious metals found in some of your old devices. Gold, Platinum, Silver…. All can be found in your electronic devices. Humans spend an exorbitant amount of time mining for these metals, which of course adds to carbon emissions. But if we recycle our old batteries and electronics with places such as Main Metal Recycling, we don’t have as big of a need for finding new sources since we can simply reuse the ones we already have!

There is so much more than electronics that Main Metal Recycling can handle for you. They do consumer, commercial and industrial recycling. They even offer warehouse storage and they have an organized steel yard. Some of the items they recycle include but are not limited to: aluminum cans, pool ladders, grills, alloy wheels, bicycles, metal shelving, wheels, metal siding, wires and much, much more! 

Their website is easy to navigate and explains what can and can’t be recycled. If you can’t find what you are looking for, their contact information is easy to find. You can call or email them! A simple phone call or email can help you get an idea of how much money you can make from something you otherwise would have thrown away!

I’m not sure about you, but I’d like to protect my personal information, keep it confidential and keep it out of the hands of the wrong person. It will help save the environment in the process. We only have one planet, we can all help. You can even make some money while you are at it! Bottom line is, why throw any metal or electronics items out in the trash when you could be making money off of it?


About the Author

Angie is a Jacksonville, FL native and owns her own photography company. She enjoys being behind the lens, traveling, camping, and going to the beach along with anything outside and simply loves adventure. 

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