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Debt, Dust, and Delight: A Recycling Tale

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Debt, Dust, and Delight: A Recycling Tale

By: Denny Yommer


As the glitz and glam of the New Year fades and our daily routines begin to transgress back towards normality, many of us are left with a constant reminder of the holiday season that was. A constant reminder not made of the warm family dinners, unforgettable surprise presents, and time away from the office, but instead of something else…something a bit more sinister. In fact, this reminder is more of a monster than memory, and though unknown to some, it is most commonly referred to as “holiday debt”.

Holiday debt doesn’t necessarily strike us all, and out of those it does, many manage to look past it towards more illuminating times to come. This continual optimism, in combination with a perfectly timed reinforcement (also known as tax season), allows many of the wounds caused by the debt beast to finally begin to heal. At last, victims can finally breathe a sigh of relief that marks the beginning of an end to a hard fought battle that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

This, however, does not mean the war has entirely concluded, as the villainous creature may again regain its strength, feasting on the debt of the next holiday to come: Valentine’s Day. But fear not; there is a way to feed the sweet tooth in your life without also feeding that pesky debt monster, and it can be found within the walls of your very own home.

No, I’m not talking about that chocolate you’ve been saving since last Halloween. I’m talking about the everyday recyclable items that are hidden away like your childhood fears. (The three old smartphones lurking under your bed. The mysterious bicycle waiting for you in the basement. The aluminum wheels tucked away in the garage.) Dealing with one monster during the new year is enough. Why allow his dust devil minions to stick around as well?

After you muster up the courage start hunting for them, you’ll want to find as many as possible. It’s now time to face that seemingly endless army of aluminum cans that has been building up over the past couple of months. To delve into the darkest corners of your closet to grab the mangled laptop and ancient computer tower. And to finally remove the corpse of that faulty stainless steel dryer that rumbled and smoked like a dragon for months before it finally died.

Once you have thoroughly alleviated your living space of the devilish pests hiding within, gather them up and head over to Main Metal Recycling, where they will all be safely (and humanely) disposed of. For all of your hard work, discoveries, and heroism, they will even reward you with a generous sum of money. And it is with that money, that the finest Valentine’s Day chocolates can be purchased proudly, and the powerful holiday debt monster can finally be laid to rest.

Yet as you accept victory and walk off into the sunset, you may be unable to avoid giving pause, if only for a moment, to ponder the notion that still lingers in the back of your mind. Time will continue to pass, and with it more holidays will come, threatening to once again awaken the debt monster from his eternal slumber. But rest assured, brave hero, even though his minions may have once again grown in number, this time will be different. This time you will not falter. For you now possess the experience and knowledge to dispatch them quickly, and with the help of Main Metal Recycling, neither he nor his dust devils will dare trouble you another day.


Become a hero. Save the planet. Slay the monster. Savor the chocolate. 


About the Author:

Dennis Yommer Jr. is a teacher of English and English as a Second Language at Youngstown State University. He is the first of his family to attend college, obtaining a master’s degree in English in 2011, which focused on language and literature. Soon after, he began teaching courses regarding the English language to both American and International students. Through a variety of continued publications and presentations, Dennis advocates that it is through language that our goals (both large and small) come to life. 

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