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Roll-Off Containers

Main Metal Recycling Roll-Off Container Service

Recycle Center Scrap Yard Metal Recycling Jacksonville, Florida

Main Metal Recycling offers a variety of commercial and industrial scrap metal roll off containers. We offer 20, 30, and 40-yard roll off containers that can be filled with almost any ferrous or non-ferrous material including iron, steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. In addition, we can complete most pickup requests within 48 hours.

Call our roll-off container experts today for your free quote at (904) 354-3708.

With our excellent service, we’ll help you pick out the right size container for your job. We also don’t charge a rental fee if picked up within 30 days of delivery. We will pay you for the materials in the box. Freight will be deducted from the box on pickup, then a check will be mailed to you for the difference.

So, you can haul your scrap metal and make money in the process!

Scrap metal prices are governed by several factors, including the financial markets, international trade and even the weather. Prices often change, these are just examples.

Our Roll-Off Service Area

Main Metal Recycling provides roll-off metal recycling services to our customers in the North Florida and South Georgia areas. Among the numerous cities we serve are Gainesville and Daytona Beach, not to mention our home base here in Jacksonville, FL. In Georgia, we serve Homeland and Waycross, in addition to many other cities. We pride ourselves on our customer service, helping you get the perfect roll-off container size and rate you need to fit your project. When you are undergoing construction, we understand that not all contractors or construction companies have a roll-off container ready for materials. Flat rates are based on delivery location for any size Roll-Off Container.

Serving Over 16 counties & 125 Cities in Georgia & Florida


Main Metal Recycling serves several counties in Georgia, covering a wide geographic region. We provide roll-off containers and much more to Georgia businesses seeking to recycle their scrap metal. We serve many areas in Georgia including: Echols County, Clinch County, Charleston County, Ware County, Brantley County, Glynn County and Camden County.

Cities include but are not limited to:

  • Argyle, GA

  • Brunswick, GA

  • Dupont, GA

  • Fargo, GA

  • Folkston, GA

  • Hoboken, GA

  • Homeland, GA

  • Homerville, GA

    Scrap Metal Dealers Metal Recycling Jacksonville, FL
  • Kingsland, GA

  • Nahunta, GA

  • Staenville, GA

  • St. Mary’s, GA

  • Waycross, GA

  • Woodbine, GA


Main Metal Recycling purchases scrap metal from manufacturers, contractors, and individuals. With over 60 years of experience in this industry, we’re a company you can trust. Dedicated to personal service and competitive pricing, we provide metal recycling services for industries throughout Northern and Central Florida. We recycle steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum, electronic scrap and many other materials. In counties from Duval to Brevard, Main Metal Recycling serves the following cities in Florida, plus many more:

  • Callahan, Fl

  • Cocoa, Fl

  • Daytona Beach, Fl

  • Deland, Fl

  • Gainesville, Fl

  • Green Cove Springs, Fl

  • Hilliard, Fl

  • Holly Hill, Fl

  • Jacksonville, Fl

  • Lake Butler, Fl

  • Lake City, Fl

  • Live Oak, Fl

    Scrap Yard Recycling Center Jacksonville, FL
  • Macclenny, Fl

  • Ocala, Fl

  • Orange Park, Fl

  • Palatka, Fl

  • Palm Coast, Fl

  • Port Canaveral, Fl

  • Starke, Fl

  • St. Augustine, Fl

  • Titusville, Fl

  • Yulee, Fl

  • Scrap Yard Metal Recycling Center Jacksonville, Florida

    Roll-Off Container Sizes

    Our roll-off container sizes vary according to what you need for metal recycling. If you are undergoing a remodel project, or have a construction project underway, Main Metal Recycling has the size and price to match your needs. We offer 20, 30, and 40-yard roll-off containers to help manage the mess around your site.

    20 yard roll-off container

    This is classified as a smaller sized container and is ideal for any projects that have significant scrap metal or manufacturers of heavier materials. To give an idea of how much this container holds, note that it can accommodate roughly six pick up trucks worth of materials. The 20 yard roll-off container typically takes heavy, dense materials, such as cast iron, electric motors, and brass. Its dimensions are 4’ x 20’ x 4’ tall. Its smaller size allows it to transport heavier items more easily.

    30 yard roll-off container

    If your project is a bit more involved, a 30 yard container is ideal. Able to pick up nine pickup truckloads of material, it can handle larger construction projects with ease. Among the most commonly hauled items with the 30 yard container are stainless steel and aluminum items, as well as radiators. This container measures 4’ x 20’ x 6’ tall.

    40 yard roll-off container

    Our largest roll-off container can handle your largest job, or twelve pickup trucks worth of material. If you have a large commercial or industrial project, this container is the best choice. With a measurement of 4’ x 20’ x 8’ tall, our biggest container can handle large bulky items, appliances and large demo projects with ease.

    Roll-Off Container Material Restrictions

    There are some items that aren’t allowed in our dumpsters. They include:

    • Freezers or Refrigerators with fluids, such as Freon

    • Gas, Oil, or Food Waste

    • Paint

    • Batteries

    These items contain hazardous materials that can be toxic if not disposed of properly. They should be disposed of by following proper municipal guidelines instead and are not to be disposed of in our roll-off containers.

    Stay Safe Around your Roll-Off Container

    It’s important to stay safe around your metal recycling roll-off container. While your projects may be messy, there are some dangers that come with disposing of various metals and scrap. We would like to provide you with a few safety tips to ensure your family and staff’s safety around your dumpster.

    1. Scrap Metal Recycling Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, FLDon’t overload the container. A simple rule of thumb is, don’t let your materials pile on higher than the walls of the roll-off. If your materials are heavy, for example, electric motors, only fill the roll-off ¾ of the way.

    2. Roll-off containers can easily attract pests. Vermin, such as rodents, will be attracted if there’s any food in the container.

    3. Never move your container near any power lines, due to possible electrocution.

    4. Toxic materials of any sort should never be placed in the container. Examples include paint, tires, or fuels.

    5. Make sure your staff, family members and you are wearing the proper safety equipment when you’re working around the container. This included safety goggles, steel-toed boots, gloves and long pants.

    6. Scrap metal is a valuable commodity. Please instruct the driver to where you feel is the most suitable location for your container.

    Please note, if a container is loaded with hazardous materials, or too high, we won’t be able to transport it. By following the simple safety rules noted above, your project will go smoothly and without any delays.

    Remember to place larger, bulky items in the container first. Also, break items down as much as possible before loading. To save extra time, have everything prepped and ready to load before our roll-off container arrives.

    Why Choose Main Metal Recycling for Scrap Metal Recycling

    Metal Recycling Center Electronics Recycling Jacksonville, Florida

    Friendly, quick service with drive-through lanes

    Electronic Recycling Recycling Center in Jacksonville, Florida

    Honest and fair treatment with state certified scales

    Electronic Recycling Metal Recycling Center Jacksonville, Florida

    A clean safe yard that’s swept and cleaned daily to help our customers avoid tire damage

    Recycling Center Electronics Recycling in Jacksonville, FL

    Fair competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff that can help identify and price any items you bring in

    Scrap Metal Recycling Center Electronic Recycling Jacksonville, FL

    200,000 square feet of warehouse space with a choice of open and closed secure storage available

    Metal Recycling Center Scrap Yards Electronic Recycling Jacksonville

    A 14 acre facility that can accommodate all metal recycling needs